Monday, December 7, 2009


Coming back home was something i wished for during the strang moments in norway
but my last month in norway, i felt norway was i home i would never want to walk
away from but.heeeeey,i was just dreaming because even if at that time a miracle
was to happen, it would not stop me from saying bye,bye norway. on the last day we
had a farewel party and i remeber the last song of our presentation that opened
the doors of everyones eyes tears traced down on every handsome and beautiful me its always fresh on my memory.i wished if the ground would open up
and swallow me so that i could remain.that night, no eyes fell a sleep because it was
the last,i mean the last smile,talk face to face.i wished tomorrow would delay by
some months but in the next blink of my eyes,the bus to take us to the airport
appeared in its white colour.i then knew i was just dreaming and accepting was
then before me.but i never wanted to get to the bus actual i was not alone because
there were other poeple who were just forced to enter the bus.everyone was now
trying to force out the last tears from their eyes but at that time sak li remained
as a fun hero in all of hald.i smiled when i looked at sak li rejoicing because he
was going home and making people smile with his funs.on getting to the bus still
people were crying and after a distance the driver was in the same moods crying.
no wonder why they say where two or three are gathered,God is in their midst.i noticed
that the driver felt the pain and the tears his passengers were going through...
when we got to uganda,i felt the same thing i felt when i got to vennesla when me and
moses tried to walk around in the small town that we were going to stay for
six months. i felt the people who chose vennesla as where we will be taking our practse
from ,were unfair.well,came out from the airport and there was one man i knew
as our project driver was waiting for us.we got to uganda at 8pm but it took us good
african time to get to bed.we actually slept at 1 am is when i then realised i was back
to african time.i was hurt because i had got to norwegian time.7 is 7 and not 9.on geting to
the hotel we were meant to stay,i could not sleep because there was this dog in the
neighbourhood barking and i was shat up..... i then dont know how i was taken by
asleep.we woke up in the morning for break fast and it tasted strange.the bread and tea
at that time i expected brown bread and cheese but i remembered i was back in
uganda where brown bread and cheese never existed.
it took us long time to cope up again with ugandan life and upto now life for me
is still hard.

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